The Series

Thank you for visiting this site. It is designed to provide information and support for an ESRC seminar series on international society and the rising powers, with a particular focus on China and India (Ref: ES/J021261/1). The aim is to encourage research on challenges to the normative framework of international society, both from ‘Western’ and ‘non-Western’ states and explore how shifts in the configuration of global power are likely to impact on global values. The series is interdisciplinary and does not favour any particular scholarly approach. Indeed, it positively encourages contributions from across the range of different methodological or cultural viewpoints.

Programmes and papers for each seminar are available by clicking on the appropriate tab above. If you would like to attend any or all of the seminars, please do email me at

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 Dr Jamie Gaskarth

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in International Relations,

Plymouth University.

Convenor, ESRC Seminar Series on ‘Normative Challenges to International Society: Rising Powers and Global Responses’ Ref: ESJ021261/1